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Welcome to Melissa's personal blog. I post a lot about video games, urbex, J-Pop, science, and fuzzy animals. I usually run a 24-hour queue. Sometimes I make art, music, and edits too. Thanks for visiting. ❤

I do my best to tag potentially triggering material. If you would like me to tag something or use a particular tag, please don't hesitate to ask me!

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The Griggs to my Sheckley.



Alright, as yet untitled.

I’m probably gonna put this on the album. I won’t post any more from it, but the style has veered off into left field and I want to post it because I haven’t done this before.

This is a full orchestral piece. I smell a melodic motif.

The album will be a combination of my usual electro style and this sort of thing.

Thanks for listening, guys.


More music here.

2 years ago
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