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Welcome to Melissa's personal blog. I post a lot about video games, urbex, a bit of J-Pop & K-Pop, science, and fuzzy animals. I often run a queue. Sometimes I make art, music, and edits too. Thanks for visiting. ❤

I do my best to tag potentially triggering material. If you would like me to tag something or use a particular tag, please don't hesitate to ask me!

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The Griggs to my Sheckley.



  • portal fandom: guys what if wheatley was an android
  • portal fandom: or wait guys what if
  • portal fandom: what if he was a human
  • portal fandom: yes
  • portal fandom: and then he and chell are totally in love
  • portal fandom: guys listen
  • portal fandom: yes yes but listen
  • portal fandom: and they're fucking
  • portal fandom: like all the time
  • portal fandom: constantly fucking
  • portal fandom: and what if the other cores were human
  • portal fandom: and rick is fucking glados
  • portal fandom: and riley is fucking vlados
  • portal fandom: and everybody is fucking everybody
  • portal fandom: yes good
  • portal fandom: we will draw and write lots of porn
  • portal fandom: so much porn
  • portal fandom: why can't i hold all these porns
  • portal fandom: these are the best porns
  • portal fandom: and guys, guys, listen
  • portal fandom: what if now they're all babies
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